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Nigerian Dwarf Goats
Pricing and Payment
Prices quoted are for animals picked up at the Emerald C Ranch, located near Gainesville, TX. Additional charges, including kennels, health certificates, additional testing, shipping costs, etc., are the responsibility of the buyer. We test the breeding herd annually for CAE and any new animals for CAE, CL and Johnes. A non-refundable $100 deposit will hold the animal of your choice, posted for sale, for one month. Payment must be made in full prior to receiving any animal (all checks must be cleared). Sales are final once the goat leaves the farm. Cash preferred, and REQUIRED if paying at pickup. If the buyer wishes to cancel or is unable to complete the sale prior to pickup, a refund, minus the deposit, will be given. The seller reserves the right to cancel a sale prior to pickup, for any reason, in which case a full refund of any payment, including the deposit, will be given. Changes to this agreement may be made on a case by case basis at the discretion of the seller.

Pricing is based on the quality and potential of each individual animal. Goats with a dam and/or sire that has proven itself in the show ring, at linear appraisal and on the milk stand will be priced higher. If the individual goat has earned any accolades, it will be priced higher. We also evaluate each kid ourselves to make sure it is free of serious defects, worthy to remain intact (for bucklings), and will price those higher that better conform to the ADGA breed standard.

We DO NOT sell pregnant does or kids prior to weaning, aka Bottle Babies.

All animals are guaranteed healthy when they leave our ranch. We also guarantee fertility on breeding stock and will replace any infertile animal contingent upon receiving a veterinarian's statement that the infertility was genetic in origin and the animal received adequate care. Since we cannot control any stress that may occur as a result of shipping, or the animal's environment or management once it leaves our farm, we cannot offer further guarantees. Due to biosecurity concerns, we will not accept an animal back on the farm once it has left. However, we do wish you to be happy with your purchase and are willing to provide advice and assistance, where possible, with any issues you may encounter.

Please Note
Check our kidding schedule for recent and upcoming breedings!

Sorry, we are unable to accommodate farm tours and do not have open hours. Please email us at emerald.c.ranch@gmail.com to setup an appointment to view and pickup sale animals.

We will no longer sell individual goats to homes that do not already have Nigerian Dwarf goats. Goats are herd animals and need to be with other goats. Please purchase a wether or another goat from us or locate a companion goat prior to pickup.

If you are new to owning goats, please read through our Care Guide!

Goat Milk? No sorry, we are unable to sell our goat milk at this time. There are several licensed dairies in the area, however, that do sell milk. For human consumption see this list from the TX Dept of Health and Human Services. For pet consumption see this list from the Office of the TX State Chemist, Feed and Fertilizer Control Service.

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If you are interested in our animals or products, please contact us at emerald.c.ranch@gmail.com.