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Emerald C Ranch Permanent Champions CH Emerald C Ranch IR Hematite LA 90, SGCH Emerald C Ranch Earth Star 3*M LA 89, GCH Emerald C Ranch Aqua Violet 1*M LA 91 EEEE, GCH Buffalo Clover Delta Alluvium 2*M LA 90

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December 20, 2022

With 10 years participating in performance programs (shows, milk test and linear appraisal), we are taking a break in 2023 to recoup, refresh and reorganize. I'm also preparing for the largest set of does to kid that I've ever had, and ever hope to have, 14 in total! The kidding begins late February and runs through early April. Look on Facebook for plenty of cute baby pictures and watch our sales page around June for kids for sale!

July 19, 2022

In 2021 and 2022, we've picked up a few more finished champions and Best in Shows. Pat's Black Oak Farm Russett * B finished his championship in style, earning two more Best in Show wins at the 2021 Milk and Honey Pot Show. SGCH Emerald C Ranch Earth Star 3*M won Best of Breed, as a Champion Challenger, and Best in Show at the 2021 CTDGA Spring Fling. And, GCH Emerald C Ranch Aqua Violet 1*M won Best of Breed, as a Challenger, and Best in Show at the 2021 Milk and Honey Pot Show. For Juniors, we got several Grands and then Emerald C Ranch CO Rime got Best in Show at the 2022 CTDGA Spring Fling!

We also got to participate in Linear Appraisal in 2022! Earth Star appraised at VEEE 91, Koto at VEEE 90 and Violet at +VEE 89. For the boys, both Mercury and Russett scored VEE 90.

Then, for now, I'm taking a much needed break! Everyone is dried off, the spring kids are at their new homes and all is quiet in the barn. Which is a good thing considering this heat and drought we are experiencing!

March 30, 2021

Here we are, exactly one year later! I see the light at the end of the Covid tunnel and things are seeming brighter. We were able to attend a few shows in 2020, and now in 2021. We finished off Buffalo Clover Koto's permanent championship, as well as Emerald C Ranch IR Mercury's. We just started the 2021 show season, but kicked it off with a bang at the CTDGA Big Buck Bonanza with Pats Black Oak Farm Russett *B winning Grand Champion AND Best in Show in Ring 3! I have high hopes for TX Twincreeks JF Hollyleaf to finish up her last show win to earn her permanent championship this season... fingers are crossed! We have plans to attend the ETGRA April Showers show, CTDGA Spring Fling, GOAT Milk and Honey Pot Show, and the Heart of Oklahoma Show.

Then in the milk arena, several girls earned their milk stars, which granted Emerald C Ranch IR Hematite his +B and therefore Mercury his *B. That also enabled all of Mercury's male progeny, born from an Advanced Registry doe, to be granted their *B's. I also just finished out Emerald C Ranch Onyx Thunder's +B, pending paperwork, which will do the same by granting his male progeny, from AR does, their *B's. Next on my list of shoring up milk stars are Emerald C Ranch Heliodor's daughters!

I am extremely pleased and humbled to announced that all of the kids that we've had this season so far, with the exception of two bucklings, have already been reserved!! The two bucklings, and any additional kids that aren't reserved by someone on my wait list, are/will be posted on the sales page.

March 30, 2020

So, I'll focus on the good things about 2020 first. We attended the Forth Worth Stock Show and Rodeo (FWSSR) in January and couldn't be happier with the outcome. Our Buffalo Clover Koto won Grand Champion both days, as well as Best Udder in Show (up against ALL the big girls - Nubian, LaMancha, Saanen...) on Day 1 and Best in Show on Day 2!! I'm still jaw dropped at that girl! So now, I find myself with at least 4 goats that need just one more show win to be permanent champions, argh!! A good problem to have, I guess.

Next, kidding has begun! I'm especially proud of the kids out of GCH Emerald C Ranch Aqua Violet AR 1*M, LA 91 EEEE, 2019 ANDDA Total Performer candidate and Emerald C Ranch IR Mercury, LA 89 EEV, one more leg for permanent champion status. Violet had 2 boys and 2 girls, with both boys already spoken for and the 2 girls available for sale (I'll post them shortly!). Next up, I've got three Hemi daughters due and just need ONE of them to earn their milk star for Hemi to earn his +B, which will grant Mercury his *B, if I've done my research correctly.

But, now we are facing the effects of Covid-19 with all Spring shows being cancelled so far, and the possibility of Linear Appraisal being cancelled. I'm trying to stay positive about things, but it sure has put a wrench in our plans for the goats!

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