Emerald C Ranch

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Nigerian Dwarf Goat Reference

Flat Rocks Fire Cracker +S/+B


Registered: AGS (#D-30303), ADGA (#D1352813)
March 21, 2005 - December 2009
Lost to a severe winter storm
Sire: MCH Flat Rocks Fox Fire E | Dam: PromisedLand CP Bedazzled 4*D

Emerald C Fire Topaz

Barn Name: Topie
Registered: ADGA (#D1522788), AGS (#D-51950), NDGA (#05952M)
May 18, 2010 - January 17, 2011
Lost to Urinary Calculi
Sire: Flat Rocks Fire Cracker +S/+B | Dam: Deb P's Maybe It's Maybelline

Texas Barn Stars Rosco


Barn Name: Rosco
Registered: ADGA (# D1716976P), AGS (#D-71676H), NDGA (# 37377M)
ADGA LA2015 +V+ FS82
NDGA Show Record: 1 x RsCH
Born: March 3, 2014
Sire: Texas Barn Stars TwoDot Domino | Dam: Little Tot's Estate Buffalo Max *S

Deb P's Lonesome Dove
Barn Name: Rosie
Registered: AGS (#D-45288), NDGA (#11838F)
Born: January 19, 2009
Sire: TEA Presidential Caliber | Dam: Pecan Hollow Morning Dove

Emerald C's Snowflake Obsidian
Retired Doe
Barn Name: Snowby
Registered: ADGA (#D1545608), AGS (#D-55342), NDGA (#14195F)
2014 ADGA Linear Appraisal: +EEA FS79 3rd Freshener
Born: March 2, 2011
Sire: Emerald C Fire Topaz | Dam: Deb P's Cajun Queen

Deb P's Maybe It's Maybelline

Barn Name: Maybel
Registered: ADGA (#D1505942), AGS (#D-45379), NDGA (#12021F)
Born: September 14, 2008
Sire: Pride of Texas John | Dam: Deb P. Magdalene

Emerald C's Phlogopite Mica
Registered: ADGA (#D1585600), AGS (#D-61102) and NDGA (# working)
Born: December 29, 2011
Sire: Sweet Blossom Milkman | Dam: Sweet Blossom Narcissus